BACH™ - Audio networking tech for you to perform in all markets


“All-in-one” professional audio networking solutions including AES67 with control from Dante/RAVENNA/Livewire+/NMOS and Ethernet AVB with AVDECC.

Executive Summary

BACH™ presents a comprehensive set of embedded audio networking solutions that enable your products to play in multiple audio networking environments, including AES67 with control from Dante/SAP, RAVENNA and Ethernet AVB with AVDECC.

  • Accelerates the introduction of your product into multiple applications in one easy step
  • Lowers your overall system cost
  • Differentiates your product with customization, such as your own workflow controller that is tailored to your customers’ needs

™ enables your product to perform throughout the many applications of different audio networking protocols, all while protecting your investment from coming shifts in audio networking standards. As standards evolve, your product development investment keeps pace. BACH™ takes the worry out of the network.


  1. BACH-canon™ – highest capacity
  2. BACH-allegro™ – lowest system cost

  • System-on-Chip
  • 8 streams / 16 audio channels
BACH™ intellectual-property and design services

  • custom integration into your hardware
bach-module bach-chip


  1. One solution. More markets
    Not just compatible with Dante™ control, but also RAVENNA, NMOS, Ember+, Livewire+, Q-LAN, Ethernet AVB/AVDECC, and the DashBoard Control System, – all in one package.
  2. Your brand and your customer first
    Better serve your customers with a branded and tailored user interface
    Your brand first: Put your logo on the user interface that you present to your customer
    Your customer first: You can better tailor your customer’s user interface to suit their needs
  3. Avoid supplier lock-in
    BACH technology is completely open and standards-based
    The life of your product can count on chips supplied by Intel; not on technology from a young tech startup
  4. Unrivalled audio performance
    Lowest latency – 125 µs
    Our price/performance is second to none
  5. Proven interoperability – fully AES67 compliant, not just a RTP subset
    Full compliance with synchronization requirements, not just packing audio in packets
  6. Do more with less equipment – flexible networked audio
    Better aggregation and distribution with more combinations of channels per stream and number of network streams
  7. Video and audio together on one network
    COVELOZ offers video networking products, not just audio
    One Network for audio, video, real-time control and file traffic
  8. Audio that never drops
    Greater resiliency via stream and/or physical port redundancy for audio _and_ control
  9. Outplay your competition; create a unique selling proposition
    Differentiate your product and beat your competition via customization in all areas of software, hardware and user interfaces


From the highest capacity audio networking and processing over 10GE, to the lowest system cost, BACH™ is a one-stop embedded solution for all of your professional audio networking and processing needs. BACH™ is available either as:


  1. BACH-canon™ – highest capacity
  2. BACH-allegro™ – lowest system cost

  • System-on-Chip
  • 8 streams / 16 audio channels
BACH™ intellectual-property and design services

  • custom integration into your hardware
bach-module bach-chip

The BACH™ platform enables you to:

  • Select the type of audio networking protocol at run-time, so your hardware is protocol-agnostic
    • AES67, with simultaneous support of Dante/SAP, RAVENNA, and NMOS protocols (other discovery and control protocols TBD)
    • Ethernet AVB with AVDECC support
  • Select the number and type of audio interfaces
  • Choose audio networking alone, or include customized audio processing
  • Both SoC and PCIe-based FPGA implementations are available


• Audio mixing • Audio monitoring
• Vehicle audio • Conference room microphone base station

Key Features

BACH™ implements the following features:

  • Multi-protocol support on hardware implementations to broaden your total addressable market
    • AES67 audio networking (RAVENNA, NMOS, AES67/Dante compatibility)
    • Ethernet AVB (IEEE-1722) – 802.1AS, SRP, and AVDECC
  • Redundancy for network port and stream so that everything works reliably
  • Networked media clock distribution to avoid the cost and latency of ASRC, and to reduce cabling costs
  • Standard digital audio interfaces to avoid costly converters
    • TDM –  I2S/I8S/I32S
    • AES3/EBU
    • AES10/MADI
  • Development kit to enable your differentiation
    • A framework for Linux-based Media Processing
    • Customizable FPGA and Linux software
  • BACH Controller, which features audio connection control, network stream and device management through an intuitive WebUI
    • Ease-of-use with any modern web browser
    • JSON API for integration into your ecosystem
    • Future ready via in-system upgrades
  • Compatible with openGear DashBoard Control System
    • levels, device control and customizable user panels?
    • DashBoard is a free application for Windows, OS-X and Linux – download here…


Demonstration of our embedded BACH Controller





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