BACH Development Kit

A versatile product development platform built around the BACH module, for audio networking and processing covering multiple markets, including AES67 Dante/SAP/RAVENNA/NMOS and also Ethernet AVB.


bach techn demo front

BACH development kit v1 - photo and labels

The BACH Development Kit enables you to evaluate our audio networking and processing technology. Please contact us using the form at the side of this page for more information and to order.

Contact your COVELOZ sales representative for more info on licensing our Product Development environment for our BACH Development Kit – see below for a description of our product development environments.

What’s in the Box


Download the ready-to-play BACH-AES67 and BACH-AVB application images onto an SD card. The provided application examples demonstrate the capabilities of the BACH-SOC platform, which integrates performance, scalability and low-cost on an Altera Cyclone V SoC FPGA.


  • BACH module featuring the Cyclone V SoC 5CSEA5U23C8N FPGA
  • BACH baseboard that accepts one BACH module
  • Three (3) 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
    • 2 attached to FPGA fabric
    • 1 attached to HPS
  • One (1) Audio PLL – Cirrus Logic CS2000
  • Eight (8) I2S inputs and outputs
  • Sixteen (16) TDM inputs and outputs
  • CAN bus
  • AES10/MADI in/out
  • Word Clock in/out
  • IEEE 1588 PTP GM Clock in
  • IEEE 1588 PTP PPS in/out
  • Eight (8) balanced mic inputs with phantom power
  • AES3/EBU in/out
  • Five (5) BNC connectors for IEEE-1588
    • PPS (pulse-per-second) in/out
    • GM (Grand Master) in
    • Word Clock in/out
  • One (1) 512MB DDR3 bank
  • One (1) 512Mbit QSPI FLASH
  • One (1) SD Card Slot
  • Two (2) USB-UART Controller
  • HPS Real-Time-Clock (RTC)

Development Community and Resources

Visit the BACH Development Kit page on for public access to documentation and demonstration downloads.

Licensed customers may get direct support from COVELOZ via our BACH Development Kit Customer Support Portal. Contact us for more info.

Product Development Kit

Our Product Development Kits (PDK) are development environments that enable you to independently integrate your applications into our many technology products, including the BACH module. PDK’s may be composed of:

  • SDK = software development kit, to enable you to program your applications to run on our embedded media operating system (emOS), which is a customized Linux kernel
  • FDK = FPGA development kit, to enable you to integrate custom FPGA logic alongside the COVELOZ FPGA subsystem
  • Hardware reference design, optionally available for you to manufacture your own hardware based on our hardware reference design, complete with specifications, schematics, and layout files
  • Direct customer support
  • Hardware development platform, such as the BACH Development Kit
coveloz pdk


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