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COVELOZ is a leader in delivering easy-to-use live networking technology solutions to help equipment manufacturers focus on and excel in their core applications.

About Coveloz

COVELOZ helps you get to market faster and more cost-effectively using  technology solutions that address the live networking of audio, video and control signals. To maximize responsiveness and flexibility to your requirements, COVELOZ offers a combination of standard products as well as engineering services that can include full turn-key embedded systems.

The primary COVELOZ objective is to blaze a cost-effective path for you to deliver a clearly differentiated product.


P1540052With headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, COVELOZ is a proven team of over 35 FPGA, software, and verification engineers. Ottawa is globally recognized as a center of networking and telecommunications excellence. COVELOZ was founded in this environment, with a team that combines decades of system-on-a-chip development experience for high-speed networking and communications.

The COVELOZ team was intimately involved with the telecommunications transition from circuits to packets. The COVELOZ team brings this unique expertise to evolving Broadcast, Pro-AV and Industrial sectors. COVELOZ is actively involved in influencing and implementing the latest technology standards for these changing business sectors through a number of industry alliances.

COVELOZ offers a specialized approach that combines advanced hardware and software with world-class engineering services. Whether your next project needs software, project management, or our OEM hardware solutions, COVELOZ is there to help you every step of the way.

SWIFT™ is a programmable platform for Live Production Media Networking, featuring a single-chip AIMS-compliant IP gateway that easily adapts as standards evolve.

• VSF TR-03/TR-04/ST-2110-to-SDI gateway-on-a-chip
• NMOS discovery, registration, and connection control
• JSON API for device management and control
• Embedded Media Processing

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BACH™ is a Professional Audio networking technology platform to enable your products to perform in all markets:

• AES67
| NMOS discovery, registration, and connection control
| compatible with Dante/SAP control
• AVnu-Certified Ethernet AVB/TSN audio talker & listener
| Includes IEEE 1722.1/AVDECC support
• Embedded Audio Signal Processing

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KEPLER™ is a customizable platform for industrial Time-Sensitive-Networking applications on the Cyclone V SoC.

KEPLER™ features AVnu-Certified IEEE 802.1AS/gPTP synchronization over dual/redundant gigabit Ethernet, and a development kit for fast prototyping and customization.

KEPLER™ is the ideal development environment for TSN applications requiring SRP (IEEE 802.1q) and the evolving standards-based TSN technologies, such as:

• IEEE P802.1ASrev
• IEEE P802.1Qbv
• IEEE P802.1Qca
• IEEE P802.1Qcc
• IEEE P802.1Qbu

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  • By providing easy-to-use, complete solutions, COVELOZ provides you with a much faster time-to-market
  • Comprehensive solutions from COVELOZ significantly lowers your development costs
  • By navigating the myriad of protocols and standards so you don’t have to, and supporting these with proven hardware designs, COVELOZ greatly reduces your product investment risk
  • The ability to differentiate via customization enables the competitiveness of your products
  • A variety of third-party certified and tested solutions, with a track record of successful customer adoption, ensures you that COVELOZ gets the job done right

Engineering Services

DSC_0717COVELOZ brings your product requirements to life, thanks to a multi-disciplinary team of experts and a rich portfolio of intellectual property.

  • Turn-key system specification, design and architecture
  • FPGA design, verification, and integration
  • Embedded firmware (Linux, Windows, and others)
  • Hardware design, test and characterization
  • System integration and validation

The COVELOZ Advantage
COVELOZ develops programmable embedded technologies, with a focus on time-sensitive communications.

  • COVELOZ can deliver comprehensive and complete solutions that fully cover your requirements.
  • Deep expertise in a broad range of technologies including synchronization, networking, transport, system-on-chip accelerators, digital signal processing, embedded Linux BSP, kernel and middleware.
  • End-to-end software, FPGA and hardware development plus verification in a fully-equipped lab under one roof guarantees you the quality and dependability you require.
  • Proven designs, intellectual property and experience save you person years of development time and cost while accelerating your time to market; you do not need to tackle the complex IP issues yourself and can focus on your value add and core strengths.
  • Commitment to open standards, such as AVB/TSN/AES67, ST-2022/VSF TR-03/TR-04, provides you with flexibility, and ensures your products meet today and tomorrow’s market requirements.


From suppliers to channel partners and customers, COVELOZ works with some of the greatest companies in various industries to achieve superior results.

Coveloz partnerships to key silicon, switch, and intellectual property vendors give you a competitive edge.

  • Access to the latest technologies, intellectual property, and design tools
  • Superior technical support

Closely working with partners ensures smoother integration, better processes and a proven track record of successful designs.

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"It is our culture to pursue design and execution excellence."

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