Programmable Platform for Production Media Networking and Processing

Executive Summary

SWIFT™ presents a complete, future-ready software and hardware solution for Production Media Networking and Processing, with customizable options.arria-10-vchip

  • Accelerates the introduction of your products
  • Lowers your overall system cost
  • Differentiates your product with customization
  • Provides choice from off-the-shelf OEM products or build your own

SWIFT™ supports multiple audio and video transport, synchronization and registration/discovery/control protocols. As standards evolve, your hardware investment keeps pace. SWIFT™ takes the worry out of the network.


SWIFT™ offers a complete solution to your media transport, processing and networking software needs. In particular, SWIFT™ implements a complete SDI-to-IP gateway on a single chip.

To enable you to efficiently meet your product goals, SWIFT™ comes in a variety of flexible options. Choose either an openGear OEM card, virtual chip, or a bespoke intellectual property integration into your hardware.

  • Millau™ OEM SDI/IP gateway openGear card with the option to add your own signal processing.
  • SWIFT™ Virtual Chip integrated on your board, based on a proven hardware reference design.
  • SWIFT™ Custom: Turn-key delivery of a complete hardware module developed under contract.


SWIFT™ offers a flexible, multi-protocol solution to network-enable your live entertainment equipment now and into the future, throughout the evolution of media networking protocols:

  • Select the type of networking protocol
    • SMPTE ST 2022-6/7
    • VSF TR-03/TR-04 (SMPTE ST 2110 in progress)
    • AES67/Dante compatibility
    • NMOS registration, discovery and connection control
    • RAVENNA compatibility
  • Select the number and type of media interfaces
    • SDI, HDMI, DP
    • AES3/MADI/…
    • System-on-Chip or PCI Express configurations
  • Choose media networking alone, or include customized media processing, such as frame synchronization


• Switchers • Routers • Master Control
• Monitoring equipment • Frame synchronizers • Signal Processing

Key Features

SWIFT™ implements the following features:

  • Multiprotocol support, to de-risk your product introduction
    • SMPTE ST 2022-6/7 (current)
    • VSF TR-03 / TR-04 (current)
    • SMPTE ST 2022-½ (TBD)
    • Aspen/Sony IP Live (TBD)
  • Redundancy for network port and stream, so everything works reliably
    • Dual or Quad-10GE Ethernet interfaces
    • Seamless stream redundancy
  • Networked media clock distribution, to avoid the need for frame syncs, and to reduce cabling costs
  • Standard Media Interfaces, to avoid costly converters
    • 12G-SDI, HDMI 2.0 and DP available
    • Analog audio, AES3 and MADI
  • AES67/Dante compatibility, to interoperate with a significant installed base
  • BACH Controller, which features audio connection control, network stream and device management through an intuitive WebUI
    • JSON API for integration into your ecosystem
    • Future-proof via in-system upgrades
  • Development kit to enable your differentiation
    • A framework for Linux-based Media Processing
    • Customizable FPGA and Linux software

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