Programmable Platform for Professional Audio Networking and Processing

Executive Summary

BACH™ presents a complete, future-ready software and hardware solution for Professional Audio Processing and Networking, with customizable options.

  • Accelerates the introduction of your product
  • Lowers your overall system cost
  • Differentiates your product with customization

BACH™ supports multiple audio transport and synchronization protocols. As standards evolve, your hardware investment keeps pace. BACH™ takes the worry out of the network.


From the highest capacity audio networking and processing over 10GE, to the lowest system cost, BACH™ is a one-stop embedded solution for all of your professional audio networking and processing needs. BACH™ is available either as:

easy-to-use System-on-Module

  1. BACH-canon™ – highest capacity
  2. BACH-allegro™ – lowest system cost

BACH-minuet™ – 8 streams

custom integration into your hardware

BACH™ intellectual-property and design services

bach-module bach-chip cov-ip


The BACH™ platform enables you to:

  • Select the type of audio networking protocol at run-time, so your hardware is protocol-agnostic
    • AES67, with simultaneous support of Dante/SAP, RAVENNA, and NMOS protocols (other discovery and control protocols TBD)
    • Ethernet AVB with AVDECC support
  • Select the number and type of audio interfaces
  • Choose audio networking alone, or include customized audio processing
  • Both SoC and PCIe-based FPGA implementations are available


• Audio mixing • Audio monitoring
• Vehicle audio • Conference room microphone base station

Key Features

BACH™ implements the following features:

  • Multi-protocol support on hardware implementations to broaden your total addressable market
    • AES67 audio networking (RAVENNA, NMOS, AES67/Dante compatibility)
    • Ethernet AVB (IEEE-1722) – 802.1AS, SRP, and AVDECC
  • Redundancy for network port and stream so that everything works reliably
  • Networked media clock distribution to avoid the cost and latency of ASRC, and to reduce cabling costs
  • Standard digital audio interfaces to avoid costly converters
    • TDM –  I2S/I8S/I32S
    • AES3/EBU
    • AES10/MADI
  • Development kit to enable your differentiation
    • A framework for Linux-based Media Processing
    • Customizable FPGA and Linux software
  • BACH Controller, which features audio connection control, network stream and device management through an intuitive WebUI
    • Ease-of-use with any modern web browser
    • JSON API for integration into your ecosystem
    • Future ready via in-system upgrades



Download our BACH Product Catalogue
Download our BACH-minuet Product Brief

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